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In-company classes

In-company classes

In-company education is one of the main focuses of our attention and is of primary importance in our educational work. We devise a special syllabus for our clients who do Business English courses, all their preferences being taken into account. We have valuable experience in teaching English for large companies and enterprises which are involved in international businesses. Compared with other methods used by companies which also work with foreign clients, our teaching methods have a number of advantages.

First, you have an opportunity to learn English ‘in your territory' as well as in our school. If you prefer the former, you won't waste your time getting to the school.

Secondly, it's up to you to choose the most convenient time for learning Business English. There is a wide range of choices open to you: you might want to learn English at the beginning or at the end of your working day, or you might decide to skip lunch and learn English instead – we'll be happy to help you.

Thirdly, you are given an opportunity to choose the exact methods which would be in accordance with your aims. We will provide appropriate resources specially chosen for you.

In the fourth place, we are ready to offer a teacher, a real professional, who is highly educated in various spheres of the language (Hotel Business English, English for Lawyers, and English for Travel). We also offer individual tuition for managers and executives. You may apply the principle of ‘economic education' – you only pay when you have achieved your goals.