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Language Courses for Adults and Juniors in Moscow, Vologda, Cherepovets

Russian as a foreign language

Russian as a foreign language

Our Language Studio offers to join mini-groups (3-6 students) to learn the Russian language.

We provide friendly atmosphere, qualified teachers, convenient schedule and central location at a very affordable price.

General Russian Course includes 120 academic hours per level (There are 6 levels in general). The aim of the course is to give students the opportunity to learn different aspects of the Russian language and to practice their new skills in close-to-life situations (role plays, dialogues, etc.) It’s better to start with the General Course (for levels 1, 2) and then it’s possible to learn the Business language (telephoning, e-mails, negotiations, etc.)

Mostly we provide individual lessons and corporate studies at the site of our clients. But if you want to apply for the group lessons please feel free to contact us.

Phone: +7 985 226 16 17
Address: office 402, 6, Strastnoy blvd., Moscow.
We provide a free language test and a free trial lesson for you to make a choice based on your own experience.
Each lesson includes 3 stages: 1) engage, 2) study, 3) activate.
These stages provide enough time for students to learn the theory and to practice their knowledge through interaction in the Russian language. Besides we guarantee that the lessons will be interesting and engaging. The lessons material is connected with situations which people can face every day.

The duration of each level is 120 academic hours.

Super-intensive course: 5 lessons (20 academic hours) a week. 6 weeks. 50000 RUR.
Intensive course: 3 lessons (12 academic hours) a week. 10 weeks. 48000 RUR.
Semi-intensive course: 2 lessons (8 academic hours) a week. 15 weeks. 46000 RUR.

The books and CDs are not included into the price.
The coursebooks+CD for one level cost about € 40.
For more info please write to: Moscow@lingvoland.ru

Learning Russian can be fun!